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Company location:Zhunyi guizhou province renhuai maotai

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“Based on the market to see benefits,The pursuit of maximum customer satisfaction”

       Guizhou province renhuai maotai flange dragon wine co., LTD., located in the first town of liquor——Maotai7.5Square kilometers core sauce wine region,With maotai distillery mountain。40In front of the dragon wine from start on a traditional maotai wine burned fang,The company was founded in1994Years,Officially registered in2004Years,Is a collection of production、Sales in the integration of maotai-flavor liquor enterprise entities。

     Good luck dragon wine Shared with guizhou maotai advantageous natural conditions,Hired with over 30 years of experience in wine alcohol with great,Developed with popular tastes“Dragon premium wine、Edge Long Xiaoguo wine、Protoplasmic wine、Personalization of wine”Such as more than ten series of products。Product selects the chishui vermilion soil on both sides of the Taiwan produce high quality red sorghum,As the main raw material of wheat...【More and more+】

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